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M5 Bus: The Monsterous Route


Hello. This is my first post so I hope you enjoy.

Seen here, we have a 2008 Orion VII (Next Generation) [#3840] Chambers St-bound M5LTD @ Broadway/Walker Street! This one was not in the schedule. I guess this driver was tired of heading all the way to South Ferry.

Seen here, we have a 2006 Orion VII (2nd Generation) [#6747] M5LTD Bus @ 5 Av/57 St, heading towards South Ferry. As of this year, MTA is planning to have downtown M5LTD Bus terminate @ W. 37th Street, which is a bad idea due to the lack of bus and train connection.

Seen here, we have Downtown-bound M1 and M5LTD Buses making their short run to 42nd St-Bryant Park! Also featuring a 2008 Orion VII 2nd Gen (#6663) M5LTD to South Ferry.

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