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GB maps BVE content creation tool [PLEASE CHECK OUT]!!!!

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This is for Bve content developers who need a easy content creation tool/software. The website is in Mlaysian and mixed with arabic. Originally this software created for other uses and not for BVE but the software creators decided to add the feature for BVE content creation and have released it for all to use. The software is still in development stages so most features are still in the works but basic track placement as well as route testing is available. Install instructions are on the page. I posted this so that OpenBve developers can try to create content for BVE 5. email me at for more info about the software. I do not own the software. I am only providing a source where you cn get it from.

Thanks for providing us with this, I am going to try it out. Hope it comes in handy!  ;)

I personally don't know how to use the software. I just recently found out about this myself actually. I'm in contact with some Japanese devs right now on some software that can be accessed without any translators

Here is a demonstration video for curves on gbmaps. There is more videos about the software, just visit the link i posted after this
GB Maps - ギビマップ - Curve

More videos about gbmaps at the creators YouTube page


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