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Once again we're running the giveaway contest, as we still have a couple of more books to giveaway.

This contest will end on October 14th.  The first contest was based on tokens, the second based on Facebook, this one will be a simple post in this topic.  One post on this topic will qualify as an entry for you, anymore posts will not be counted.  The regular rules apply, in that you must be 13 or older to enter, and live within the 48 US states.  If you already won, you may not enter again.

Make a post on what is your favorite NYC Subway Line, and why, and what is your least favorite subway line and why.

My favorite line is the (7) Flushing Line, mainly since it's a childhood route and the years i've dealt with it through High School and currently College.

My least favorite line is the (J) (Z) Nassau St/Jamaica Line, only because of the ridiculous headways between trains.

Dj Hammers:
My favorite NYC Subway line is the A, because of the variety of trackage it runs on, and it's use of R32s in the summer. My least favorite route is the R line because of its horrid headways and timers galore.

I don't have a favorite, but I will say the 6 because it passes near one of my favorite colleges and it has pretty nice stations. Least favorite is the 2. The line is just boring south of 42nd Street.

I would say my favorite line will be the D when heading to 174th 175th for the reason it brings back memories since i was little kid when my mom my sisters and my self would relax on the D and then when i had to run a errand to go see my aunt on my old it brought back memories on the D plus was quickest way to go home at late nights when it was Express and my least favorite line would be the R mostly from canal all the way down to 95th and vice verse the line is too slow takes hours to get me to a transfer for a express but that is my most favorite and most least line


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