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Permanent Teamspeak Closure


Hey guys, I'm sorry to inform you that the Teamspeak Server will now be permanently closed because the server admin required additional resources on the server, and thought it wasn't worth trouble to continue running Teamspeak Service for BVEStation.  We would've notified you guys earlier, but I was notified last minute as well.  We thank our anonymous donor for the time he's given us running the service for our users.

As far as a new Teamspeak Server, there are no plans to open a new one anytime soon.  All Teamspeak Services, and its related programs, such as the Motorman's Insitute will be halted indefinitely.  We are not taking requests for user hosted Teamspeak Services either, please do not contact us regarding it.  We recommend all users who wish to use a form of BVEStation Community services to utilize BVEStation Chat, visit the BVEStation homepage and click chat or use the forum.  Thanks.

Just to bump, you guys can have a say on the fate of our Teamspeak Services.  Petition our donor to continue hosting the Teamspeak for BVEStation, and show that you really support Teamspeak and the community of BVEStation.  You can email him at


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