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With all the commuter and mainline equipment development threads I see here, I thought I might try to create an OpenBVE train safety system plugin that implements NORAC cab signaling. This would also include defining conventions for placing NORAC-style signals in routes (including handling Rule 251/261-without-cab-signals, Rule 251/261-with-cab-signals, and Rule 562 territory appropriately), and I would also add an AI that obeys the relevant rules.

This is the set of rules used by (among others) Amtrak and just about every commuter railroad in the Northeast that isn't part of the MTA. (And the two that are aren't really too different from the others anyway, so you could probably end up adapting this to them too.)

I am not planning to use native code, so this will not be OS-specific.

I have not started yet. Updates will be posted here. Comments on the idea are appreciated.

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