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Hello out there BVEstation. My name is Brian. All my friends call me Breezy (bc of my laid back and super social attitude), known to the BVE community as CTAredlineNYCTace / aka-The homeboy railfanner. Lol, kinda funny huh? Anywhoo( ::) ), I hail from the city of the GO-aka- Chicago,where I have been a rail enthusiast,and a public-transit student since the age of 4.

I began railfanning on my own at the age of 6. If that sounds a little crazy,believe me it was and I was severely punished for it. Although grounded for a very long time ,like any public-transit enthusiast as soon as I was free(lol) I got right back to it. I just figured out how to lie better.(lol)

So with that being said before I reached the age of 7, I had completely learned the entire Chicago Transit Authority's rapid transit and mass transit system. Which also helped me learn the city and city streets. This would prove very helpful in my future career choice in public transit.

At the age of 11,In grammar school I used to draw and paint from memory trains and buses. I did it so much that I was often caught in class, not doing my school work but drawing.(lol). So my art teacher decided to debut some of my really extensive work on the wall outside of our class door and an art gallery owner and developer also decided to take it a step further and debut my work in his gallery. The name of the exhibit was CTA past and present @ The Intuit Art Center here in Chicago on north Halsted Ave.

 This only fueled my passion for public transit more. So I hit the library and started studying. The first book I read was Destination Loop by Brian J. Curdy(you guys should pick that up. Its a good read),which lead to his second book, Under The Sidewalks Of New York. That is the book that really got me interested in the MTA.

 I saw how our system was designed to replicate the MTA's system. Then I realized that CTA copies everything the MTA does. I-E; The Metro Card System. (CTA's is the Transit Card System. Same Cards machines and turn-styles. NYCTA had it 1st.) So I figured why not go directly to the source and see it first hand.

 I then thought if I am to have a career in public-transit then I will need some experience. So I began to obtain jobs dealing directly with the public as to learn how to deal in public relations. Cashier,sales,telemarketing,tour guide,Taxi Cab Dispatcher, Limo-Livery driver and finally a Taxi Driver. I've been a licensed chauffeur in the city of Chicago for almost ten years and I like the job but not as a career.

 Also with a lot of things screwed up here in the city of chicago and the state of Illinois's polotics not to many chauffeurs are making too much money now. The skills that I've acquired being a chauffeur are golden to me. They are and will be a great asset to any company corporation or organization I bring them to.

 With all of the financial problems and polotics involved with the CTA, I just don't feel comfortable being placed into that environment, especially seeing that this is a major transit corporation that has not or tried to expand and step up the progress of the system since the opening of the orangeline to Midway Airport in 1993.

 It has taken the CTA almost 20 years to begin replacing the rest of our rapid transit "L" cars since the retiring of our St.louis Car co. 6000/1-50 series and the Pullman-Standard 2000 series cars at the closure and rehab of our west-south routes(formerly the Lake street "L",Engelwood "L",and Jackson park "L") also known today as the greenline.

 My avatar is a pic of our long awaited 5000 series Smart-Cars still on lease from Bombardier on an order that is not even finished.Chicago is just now getting our Smart-Cars, where as New York has had them since 1999.

CTA moves too slow for me and has Way too many infrastucture problems. The MTA moves faster on projects,does many more expansions on an already vast system, has better equipment,better technology and most importantly,more jobs. So you guys can really see why I'm so into this.

This is my career choice and I will accept any aspect of it. I-E; Motorman,conductor,rail car mechanic,track maintenance,and I'm even willing to start in lower postions until I obtain all the education I need to be apart of New York City Transit Authority's team. I feel that pubic transit is what I'm put on this earth to do.  I am adament that I will achieve my goals and I just figured that BVEstation was great place to start.

So there you go guys,like Jay-Z said on reasonable doubt-It's me,it's me,it's me,it's me,it's me,it's me,it's me again. Rotflmbo! ;D. Much love to all railfanners and BVEstation members and a special big ups to all BVEstation board members. See y'all on the forums. Peace ;)

It's all a process.... those routes were made a long time ago when there were more severe limitations on what developers could build in terms of detail.

Eventually, if we can, we will release newer versions of these routes with levels of detail you all have come to expect of the modern BVE route.
......and I'm sure we are all looking forward to that. Even I have figured out how to code a little bit. The other day I was playing around with some of the trains and route sounds and stumbled upon some ways to add and switch out sounds. I'll try and master that aspect and move on to trains and train objects. Especially since I finally downloaded the newest version of openbve that comes with all these developer features. Still, like I've said before whenever I can get back out there maybe you guys can show me some things that I don't know because I'm very anxious to get on the team and help with BVEStation content development. I'd also need to do a lot more railfaning to get more details from all the routes in the system. So of course I'm really going to need some of you guys to railfan with, seeing as though I'm not originally from NY,but it will be my new home and what better way to get fully acquainted with my new home than to see it first hand by rail and bus. I hope you guys will welcome me. 8)

Oh ok I see. So you guys don't think that we couldn't get the E and the L routes to look somewhat like the D,or the F, or even the Q? (just examples) You know, kind of make the turns and curved tracks smoother and curvier instead of the curves looking like stright rails laid in the direction of the turn? How about some stairs,benches and other objects ect.....

BVE/OpenBVE Support / Re: Downloading the New R46
« on: September 20, 2012, 02:57:56 pm »
I checked out help but it only says I can add a signature but it doesn't show me how. I wanted to put a picture up there with a couple of logos. Can you show me how to do that?

General BVE/OpenBVE / Re: D Line 2.0 Announcements
« on: September 19, 2012, 10:39:37 pm »
Cool. That sounds like a plan. ;)

oh i thought u was talking about my old r32 but u was talkin about E route lol my bad but yea old E route is my favorite...

i dont know if new E route similar to old E route....
What E route are you talking about? The EE?

I think the Franklin Avenue Shuttle should be tackled by someone... it is a simple route, and the skeleton is there already.
I agree.

General BVE/OpenBVE / Re: D Line 2.0 Announcements
« on: September 19, 2012, 10:29:20 pm »
From what i understand that any announcements or modifications done to trains and routes are for your personal enjoyment and is not to be redistributed without consent from BVEstation board members. Am I right Mr.Even?

Transit / Re: Livonia Elevated RFW Video
« on: September 19, 2012, 10:14:36 pm »
Hammers, that was awsome! Last time I was there I only got to railfan this route at night so I didn't see much. Thanks for letting me see what I missed. Graet vid. ;)

General BVE/OpenBVE / Re: D Line 2.0 Announcements
« on: September 19, 2012, 02:52:39 am »
Lol, I thought I had done something wrong too. So I recorded my own for the time being. Used FL Let us know when you guys fix it.

Oh and one more thing and then tomorrows another Great work on the train Mudwrestle! This train is extrodinarily awesome. It's so real to me,that I'm 916 miles away from New York but when I run that train it's like I'm right back there. I so love this train man. Keep up the great work!...............All of you guys.  ;)

The old one seems pretty nice to me.
Personally I could also go for a better E Line. Not to be dissing the current one but with all the recent upgrades in tech and trains, don't you guys think its time for some revisions on some of the existing routes? I-E: E,G (queensbound),L,7,NB Franklin ave shuttle. Please don't take this wrong or out of context because I love everything you guys do. I just every so often have a thought cross my mind about the routes and trains and I simply out spoken. That's why I said the other day I so wish I was back out there in New York so I could learn some of this stuff and that way I could be helping you guys to the best of my abilities. You guys have done what I've been thinking in my mind since I was about 4 years old. Which is bringing an aspect of personalism to rail fanning. Bravo! :) ;) :D ;D

That could be easily done by going to the panel.cfg file, opening it w/ notepad or wordpad, and simply adding the code "Unit=1" in the [DigitalIndicator] column
Where do you add (unit=1) exactly? Does it go before the end of the coding category or at the end underneath everything so it would be the last thing you would see in the digital indicator category?

BVE/OpenBVE Support / Re: Downloading the New R46
« on: September 18, 2012, 11:06:46 pm »
Btw,how do I add a signature like yours to my profile? My comments look so naked on I feel so slow asking all these questions but if I don't ask and learn then I actually will be slow. lmao  ;D

BVE/OpenBVE Support / Re: Downloading the New R46
« on: September 18, 2012, 10:59:46 pm »
Actually I raed them and they have to do with the train itself, not the route. The train only loads to about 22% then a few seconds pass then the error msg pops up instead of the almost ready to start window. If it was just minor issues then I would at least get that window but I'm not even getting that. I'm getting a whole new window. One that I've never seen before. I've never seen this many error so much that openbve wouldn't load at all. Sounds a little strange to you? It's surely strange to me.

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