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Welcome to the Quality Assurance team. You have been selected to judge content based on these main ideals:

- Image Quality
- Performance in the BVE Platform
- Visual & Audio Quality

You will be able to access a special email designed where developers can send in their work. It will be monitored for security purposes.

Content will be available for download for you to ONLY to try. If we feel or see that work may be handed out in officially we will remove you from the team and replace you. So we are trusting that you keep data secure.

We rate work based on the stated features above. We go in a star rating system.

(5) Stars (Highest Grade)
(4) Stars (Good Grade)
(3) Stars (Moderate Grade)
(2) Stars (Lowest Grade)
(1) Star (Horrible Grade)

We will give you one week from the date the download was received in the email. The chief official who will be in charge of accessing the email would be and would sen out group emails to the team. Results are due the night before the deadline date or earlier. Results will be sent in a Notepad file (.txt) to

Ratings would be averaged and then be divided by the panel members votes and will displayed for downloads with whatever comments you add in. Your name will not be revealed with the comments.

Any questions you can message or email me. Thanks and welcome to the team.


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