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The ONLY Official OpenBVE Screenshots/Videos Thread

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Post your OpenBVE Screenshots and Videos here!

NOTE: Youtube embedding is not yet available, once I figure out how to fix that then  it will be.
YouTube embedding is now enabled.

1st video for Openbve of the year from me.And this is probably the slowest I operated which is rare.
Openbve NYCT-(8) Flushing Av to Highbridge via local

That reminds me, for the videos in the downloads section that are missing, please post them here as well, and tell me which route you want your video to be featured in.  Since the original topic basically went on a tangent and didn't serve its purpose.

Please repost them here so I can fill in the downloads section with videos!  (And post your screenshots in the gallery, you can do this by making sure your logged in the forum and clicking the gallery button on the site, you can then upload your screenshots!)  If you want to know which routes need videos, visit the downloads section and find the ones that dont have videos.  Thanks!  ;)


Quality sucks now but soon it will be 1080P :P

Scratch that  ;D

openBVE-Jamaica Center bound E train rerouted via 6th avenue at Broadway-Lafayette Sts
This is just a short clip of Jamaica-Center bound R160 E train rerouted via 6th avenue at Broadway-Lafayette Sts.  This is nothing on the V line run itself, so that kind of disqualifies myself from the route vid for downloads.  But hey, the video looks good except for some audio quality problems.  Check it out!  Comment and Rate.  All credits to BVESTATION.


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