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Why not extend the 6 to South Ferry?


Think of it: A connection to South Ferry from Bowling Green already exists, and it doesn't need to block 1 train service, as the 6 could just use the inner loop or the new South Ferry station once that's fixed up. Maybe the 1 could use the new South Ferry station and the 6 could use the outer loop. It's not that hard.

just why

Isn't the plan to close the outer loop?

You are creating more traffic by extending the 6 there. You will be causing delays on the 1 and 5 lines.

Oh I didn't bother responding to this topic because of the outlandish suggestion but might as well.

Adding another line down the two track Broadway on the 4 and 5 does nothing to ease congestion. If anything, it creates more delays on the 4 and 5 past Brooklyn Bridge. The 6 already utilizes the City Hall loop and should terminate where it is efficient.

South Ferry (10 Car) is opening this summer. The time for the loop has come to an end. Sandy bought it a few more years but now that time is up.



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