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Bombardier R179 Test Train Thread


Fan Railer:
Bombardier R179 3010-3014 pulling into Broad Channel from F5 test track after concluding testing for the day (10/28/16):


Im going to build on on roblox today stay tuned on my thread!

Fan Railer:
On my second try today, 11/1/16, I was able to grab the remaining clips I wished to get of the R179 track testing in the Rockaways. Here is the full compilation of video of the test train I have from both dates, 10/28 and 11/1.

First, we have the shots of the train moving, which provide good sample sound for the propulsion. Basically, the pitch changes follow the same profile as the R160B Siemens sets, but the actual sound itself is of a different type.

Next we have the set walkdown @ Broad Channel. And interesting thing to note is that one truck in the set, the number 2 end truck of 3010, is a trailer truck (unpowered). All other trucks are motorized. Whether this is purely an instrumental testing truck, or if this feature will be part of the order remains to be seen. LoL at the employee joking about dropping the window and telling buffs to stop filming =P

And finally, we have clips of the test train actually on the test track, shot from other A trains passing the test track area. Enjoy the action, and stay tuned for clips from system-wide clearance testing which is to happen soon, hopefully =)


What happened to the R179? Is it on right now with riders i guess?

No, it's still in track testing. Not sure when 30 day acceptance testing will begin, and on what routes. Probably sometime later this spring, and on the C, J, and Z.


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