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The (W) is making a comeback!


Hamilton Express:
That's right! The MTA has announced that the (W) (eliminated in 2010) will make a comeback starting this fall!

--- Quote ---"The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is pulling the W train off the shelf and returning it to service all part of the route changes announced Friday in anticipation of the Second Avenue subway opening. It will resume running in the fall, along the local weekday route now served by the Q train."
--- End quote ---

 :) :D 

UPDATE (2/20/2016) Forgot to post the link to the article. Here it is.

I Just Don't Understand Why They Elimate The W Then Bring It Back, They Could Of Made It Stay, I Was So Upset, My Mom Promised Me To Take The W But It Was Elimated I Was So Upset But Yes FINALLY


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