Author Topic: Just a thank you on the 2 Train route  (Read 2593 times)

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Just a thank you on the 2 Train route
« on: May 04, 2017, 11:34:26 am »
I want to send a shoutout and thank you for the 2 route.  I wish we had a 3, but the 2 will do for now.   I grew up in Crown Heights from 1956 to 1965, and came back to visit my grandparents after we had moved to Nassau County. 

The #3 was my train.  My grandmother and I would walk up to Eastern Parkway, exchange 60c for four tokens, and go to either A&S on Fulton St or into Manhattan to Radio City, or a museum, or whatever.  In those days, the conventional wisdom was not to ride in the front or rear car, but my grandmother indulged me so I could watch out the railfan window.

I was just soggy with nostalgia when I ran the #2 from Eastern Parkway - Brooklyn Museum (another destination with my 'Nana') through downtown brooklyn, under the east river, up under Seventh Ave, past Times Square, etc.

Driving this really made my evening. 

Thanks to all the designers who made all of these routes.

Ed Greenberg