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Other Projects / Fictional (8) (9) (10) Line
« on: November 14, 2017, 03:31:43 pm »

Long time but silent member here.

Been in the shadows working on a project for the better part of 7 years now.

And guess what? I need yall help and wanna get yall involved. Iknow we got some good, creative developers in this group and I want yall to use yall talents.

So, quick background on the project at hand:

Im developing a fictional IRT route, the (8) (9) and (10) lines. For now, Im working on the (9) portion of the route, which travels along Webster Avenue in the Bronx, Madison Avenue in Manhattan, and along various streets in Brooklyn. The map will be provided later.

Skeleton work is about 40% complete, as the tracks and platforms for the entire Bronx portion has been completed, and 79th Street in Manhattan.

Thats where you guys come in: I need station walls. Since this is an IRT route, Im gonna need IRT style mosaic station walls. Im going to list the stations that need walls and what kind of station they are (local or express).

If youd like to submit a station wall object to me, message me here or something lol. I will decide which one I will use based on quality and appeal.

Of course you will receive credits for the objects under the Creative Commons License.

For now we will focus on the Manhattan portion. When we get to the Brooklyn portion, I will do it again.

Manhattan stations:
125th Street - Express station
116th Street - Local station
110th Street - Local station
103rd Street - Mt. Sinai Hospital - Local station
96th Street - Express station
86th Street - Local station
79th Street - Local station
72nd Street - Express station
66th Street - Local station
59th Street - Express station
50th Street - Local station
Grand Central - 42nd Street - Express station (this station will be laid out like 34th Street - Penn Station on the 7th Avenue Line, so Local Station walls will be needed)
34th Street - Local station
28th Street - Local station
23rd Street - Local station
14th Street - Union Square - Express station (this station will have a 2 over 2 layout, so Local station walls will be needed)
St. Marks Place - Local station
Houston Street - Local station
Delancey Street - Local station
Canal Street - Local station
Worth Street - Express station
Fulton Street - Express station walls
Wall Street- Express station walls

Thank you for yall time. I look forward to seeing your work.

Other Projects / Want to build a skeleton but don't know how?
« on: August 01, 2011, 04:59:20 pm »
DRT has mastered the construction and engineering of skeletons for fictional routes! If you desire to build a route but don't know how to start construction on it, then contact me, Lexington456 here on BVEStation or at, or on aim, mrdiiamond27. I will either teach you how to build one yourself, or just build it for you so you can detail it and create a fictional route

Other Projects / Official Thread for the Fictional (9) (10) (11)
« on: January 11, 2011, 07:38:49 pm »
This is the new page for the (9) (10) (11). For those who were following the old thread, you know this line is very well along, but has been halted due to my involvement with the development for the (4) and now the (6). Here are some pics to refresh your memory

I talked to Twigga, he says he has no interests in developing the 6 anymore, so I offered to take it from him. He obliged.

Most of the line is already done, but with outdated objects and textures. I'm aiming to make this line 5th generation, along with the 4. Maybe there's an express route in the future.

Developing this line will also prep me for the 5

Be on the lookout for updates

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