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NYCTA Projects / Re: (W.I.P) Official Update Thread For The (3) line
« on: August 02, 2015, 04:23:21 pm »
Looks good! You have it pretty easy I would say since the (2) and (4) are being developed N/B the (3) is easy copy and pasting from the (2) Franklin Av to 135th St. Obviously the chaining distances would have to be changed but it's all there, wish you the best.

Other Games / Re: Second Avenue Subway Simulator
« on: June 01, 2015, 06:12:07 pm »
Exactly why the MTA is always over budget; because the pay for crap like this when they could have just contacted one of the route developers here and given them the necessary materials to throw together an openBVE route for free...
Kevin's SAS is perfect. Hard to believe its been out for half a decade, it features the "futuristic look" with tunnel & station lighting.

I admire at what you're doing and what you do, but do you mind adding comments to the photos you post because several times I personally can't tell what is being polished up meaning the pictures look the same to me every time, albeit I'm sure there are minor differences(assuming). I can tell that they received a new set of trucks as well as looks as if you enhanced the R-38 front logo a bit. Other than that all the interior/exterior shots look the same.

BVE/OpenBVE Support / Re: Openbve help not working on windows 8
« on: April 19, 2015, 09:31:36 pm »
I highly doubt it is not running because of the OS because I'm sure many of of use Windows 8. You may need to download extra files(not many) though to run the program such as .NET and openAL. Also make sure you run as the administrator.

That is a very good observation,
There is one issue I have.I been on this route since 2012,everyday.before the station Whielock,there is a very long straightway after the curve.This is not true in real life.When you exit the curve,the station is arleady there.After the 10th car leave the curve,the whole train is at the station.You could see this on Bx27,BX4/4A when entering the underside of the 6 train.This the major issue I have. hope this helps you guys. Please don't think that we're nitpicking but we're trying to help you guys create the most accurate routes, and trains. I've pointed out several things with the (B) and (D) that were inaccurate in spots.

To add on at the north bound side of Brooklyn bridge, the station starts curving at the C\R board, whereas in the route it starts much much later than that.

I like the route, you guys did pretty damn good with things. Just a few minor things that need a touch up I've noticed nothing significant or major though.
Just my two cents:
Photo-realistic beams are not present at every station.
Misplacement of objects in some stations such as Brooklyn Bridge on the N/B side I'm sure you guys know that their is a staircase there and not a tower.
Another for BB on the northern platform is the trains do not stop at the end of the platform but rather maybe 20-30feet back.
Other than that it's superb! One more thing I like when the train gets to the north side of BB I hear "This is a Bronx bound" when I hear those announcements that means the destination is not Pelham Bay or Parkchester!

@Ztraintobroad, you have 3 answers to your question + more information. I think mines was accidentally quoted since you had the question.
Also creating the route in the opposite direction is possible, but it require the "flipping" of objects. Some objects can be placed the same way forwards as backwards (rail, platforms, some canopies/station beams) but others need to be rotated 180 in the code and placed accordingly to the correct positions (platform rooms, switches, etc.). This is why it is easy to code routes in one direction as noted (same the direction, same placement of objects), but slightly difficult in the opposite (basic objects are there, just in the different direction, basically starting from scratch).
The developers are working together (4) and (5) lines will be using same object older "Lexington" folder as the (6) lines uses.
It's all the same answer just worded differently.

Will the manhattan part of the (4) and (5) be made from the existing (6) route or will new objects be made?
That's kind of an obvious question. Routes are being developed in certain directions since merging lines share the same objects. Notice how the (2)(3)(4)(5) are being developed from Brooklyn. As well as finished lines are going in one direction (A)(B)(C)(D), (F)(V).

Are you going to redo(update the stations) ?

by the way I will be resume working on A line soon and will be one of most highly detail route similar routes like the (Q) and (4) lines.
Awesome, glad to hear this.
Given the level of work and time required to update the route to the 4k textures and dgn-accurate object placement of the Q line, it would be best to have an interim release.
True and understandable. Thanks!

6 Line will be worked on again to add or change features to route that was added/change from 2013 to 2015 like station rehabs, other station modification to reflect the changes NYCT made, Around later this spring (around May 2015) when I get a new camera because my camera was stolen by one of the Railfanners at the UTC meeting, This is one of the reasons why 6 is getting release the way it's.

You do have a point.
Some stations do look it's 2015 (18 of 38 stations have been upgraded to 2014/15 textures standards).
Thanks for the clarification. And you don't have to release this to make us happy if you feel this could be better. Speaking for myself and some of the community I'm sure we would wait a few extra months or years for a fully finished product thats up to date instead of different versions. I believe we are seeing that with the (E),(4) and (7) routes in development. They have been in development for almost 7 years and I believe part of the reason is not the developers not having time but because the transition from BVE to OpenBVE as well as higher quality routes and photorealistic technology have plagued time. The (4) serves as an excellent example when it was first started half a decade ago it was using non-photo realistic stuff and over that time to now we've seen numerous changes from the station tile, to tracks, to elevators, and beams.

The Route was mostly finished back in 2013 thats one of the reasons, some of the objects came from the 4 line.
I understand that and respect everyone's work. It's just weird seeing
here more updates

when it is 2015 and it should look like:

I'm just pointing out the detail of objects as well as then and now. There can be improvements made based off what you showed us. (Not at all in a disrespectful way).

I see quite a few things that could use some work. I am not nitpicking, albeit the route may be completed I see inaccuracies and basic things that can be improved that we are seeing with the development of the (4)(B)(Q) lines.

Other Games / Re: World of Subways Vol.4: New York
« on: March 24, 2015, 03:02:42 pm »

Here is the express version to Flushing!

Other Games / Re: World of Subways Vol.4: New York
« on: March 23, 2015, 10:38:25 pm »

Above is a link for a youTube video I watched about 15 minutes of from WoS v4.

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