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Title: Geometry for curved rails
Post by: arremm1 on September 14, 2016, 08:53:20 pm
I have been trying my hand at creating a route in Open BVE, but I have run into a problem.  I was coding the 14 th Street station on the # 4 Line and am trying to recreate the curve in the station.  I am using a 104 Left curve rail, wall and platform.  The players track seems perfect, but, as I move to the left, the rails do not fit, the platforms are off and the walls are offset by the rails.  I know that if you have a 104 radius rail on the right, outside rail, then there has to be a change as your other rails are -8,-12 and -20 meters offset from the player rail.  Does anyone know how I can figure the correct radius of the track as it moves inward (radius gets smaller, I think).  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks, arremm1