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Other Projects / The PencilCase Route
« on: February 02, 2011, 07:08:30 pm »
The name of the route comes from PencilCase16; there is no relation between the route and pencilcases lol.
1.  No; I'm not putting in the other 9/10 of the starting station lol.
2.  I'll put the 4,6,8, and 10 car stop sign, chill
3.  I'm too lazy about putting a hundred tracks in my object folder (I moved objects around to make it easier for me ALL CREDITS TO BVESTATION).  So, I went with the nice quick dark slab track to make diverging tracks easier lol.
4.  Yea, a little too lazy to choose curving tracks, soooo I'll put them in later  ::)
5..  Having a little bit of trouble with pitch and height but it's still shown.
Tried to put some route building codes I still remember in there but they fail miserably.
PencilCase Shuttle Route update 1
Here are the stops for the Shuttle Route:
Battery Pl.
Rector St.
Vesey Street
Chambers Street
Houston Street
Christopher Street

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