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Showcasing 2 WIPs the Route and the Train

And one more for the show

Hey Guys Just like to give you guys a update on the Project on the R62/A for Openbve that BStyles TheExpressXD60 Bvefan and Myself are currently working on here are some of the shots of the WIP Train more photos to be posted later of the update on the Trains...Stay tuned!!!

so ehhh yeah here's some M train Action

Queens Bound and 95th Bound


new and old rollsign

the interior of this model

took 4 pictures to make one new image

WIP to beta release after that the model will be scrapped and starting over from scratch

lol R142A with R142 trucks
yeah i was testing the trucks out when i took the pics lol

Just show casing one R160 which is the R160A test run on the A to Howard Beach

Here are the latest photos of the 160A and B the 160B gotten their perspective panels still WIP while the A and B sets been SMS new face etc. but the R160A is testing a new fresh clean side the one on the local track here's the photo "MTA Rush Hour Special Selective F trains run express via Culver while the Rest Ran via local" idk something i made up anyways enjoy the photos lol

Panels for the R160B

nope I don't do beta releases unless you helped in it then yeah you get beta but if not then the person has to wait till finished its almost done but i can't give a exact estimation on its progress or its release

oh well got back up using flickr now for photos lol
well here is a sum up of what's done so far on the new walls version pretty much pulling a interior Ads based off of Visa and NFL so killing 2 birds with one stone anyways enjoy the new textures 3d poles textures curved seats and fixed sides and the Vents down below and floors vents etc.


Other Games / Re: World of Subways Vol.4: New York
« on: September 13, 2013, 10:50:47 pm »
actually they already have a R62/A knowing them they'll use the model from the sunrise game for the 7 line

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