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[RELEASED] (WIP) Official Update Thread for the R40 Slant, R40M, and R42

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Psycho William:

--- Quote from: OPSNYC on September 08, 2014, 07:52:52 pm ---I found out about this site back in 2008 and I created an account I think in 2011 as well. I barely log in though. But I do enjoy this site a lot and the realism of this simulator. I love NYC subways, I always had a thing for NYC trains since I was young.

--- End quote ---

amazingly, u have similar mine.

koolz, I guess we have the same in common.  8)

Psycho William:
R42 Beta Download:

link removed by phantom909 it will be back in due time

Rollsign changing:

8 button for front route rollsign
7 button for side route rollsign
6 button for side south rollsign
5 button for side north rollsign


Psycho William:


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