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(v2.4) (RELEASED) R-16 Update Thread

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Its starting to look real nice! Great job!

I will be posting the open source components i have added into the R-16 as separate threads, as an effort to reduce PMs whenever i release the R-16.

Also, It was the movie The Warriors that actually inspired me for the R-16's sneak-peek trailers. I loved how they presented the trains on the film. And also since it's using the 1970's MTA Silver/Blue scheme, it is also age-appropiate for its time!

As a result, the theme song from the warriors (including the Baseball Furies chase theme) will be the OFFICIAL R16 theme song for all trailers!

Can't wait!!! ;D

Looks good! I really like the changeable Exp/Local indicators on the sides  ;)

if u need any beta testers ill be happy to help :)


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