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Making All Stops : Volume One - THE LAST STOP! Final Giveaway.

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For the month of December, we will have our last and final giveaway for Making All Stops : Volume One.  Just in time for the holidays.  Make a post here.

The 7 line has always been a favorite line of mine, ever since my early childhood days. I can recall the days when the R33WF redbirds once ruled the entire line, to the day the R62A's began replacing them and their eventual domination like if it happened yesterday. Due to the location that i lived in, it was and has been the closest subway line i got in the neighborhood, even during the high school years, and nowadays, the college years. And now i'm about to see the days when the R188 and converted R142A subway cars begin dominating the line and the eventual displacement of the R62A's from that line to the main lines. It's always gotten me to where i needed to go, despite the frequent service changes during the weekends, and the occasional incident that tends to mess up or even suspend the entire line, like the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy which literally forced me to take the Q58 and the Long Island Rail Road's Port Washington Branch to get to manhattan and home until the 7 line was reopened.

Even though i like the J/Z line for their R42 sets that remain, the one major bottleneck and downside are the headways between trains. There's days when i've waited over an hour for a train to show up, especially at nights. Sometimes the skip-stop service makes up for the increased headways, which i like. So it's some sort of a love-hate relationship with the J/Z line, days when i enjoy the line, and days when i despise the line.

The 5 line is my favorite because of how fast it's how's between 125th street and 86th street.
I love the elevations on the Line and r142. I love the mta and I'm proud to ride the mta n live I'm New York City

Psycho William:
The Rockaway Park Shuttle always my favorite line of mine since i was 4 years old. I rode in the R32. My dad walked around and showed me with different old commerical posts in the R32 then i saw H sign on the rollsign. :)

As i have lived in Philly for about 13 years, my favorite line would have to be the SEPTA's Broad St Line. The Orange Line is basically a straight line into the city, ahdn has a few curves around City Hall since there is a bunker is lower than the subway tracks itself. On the Broad St Line, there are times where you can experience the thrill of about 60 to 70 mph in both directions on the express trains. The B-IV's top speed is in fact 70 mph, and whats amazing is how you have a 5 car consist, and hit 60-70 mph going uphill. Downhill you can't go too fast of you will overshoot Erie Station.

As for NYC, my first line which is the (7), brought me an experience than none other. The R62A would be in the list of one of my all time favorites. New York City has a totally different style of operating when it comes to comparison between MTA and SEPTA. I noticed on most routes, the train operators push the limit around the corners. Whereas in Philadelphia, we don't even push the limit so often. Another thing i lovee about the (7) is the scenery. I Know this may go for all lines, but personally the view from Hunts Point Ave to Queensboro Plaza is absolutely amazing and will never cease to amaze me. Though i cannot forget Willets Point-Shea Stadium. I loved seeing the old Mets field. and then the new one right across the track, and Corona Yard.


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