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Congratulations to bve, for winning Giveaway #3.


--- Quote from: Pacific385 on October 07, 2012, 08:45:35 pm ---I completely agree with you, the (N) is my favorite, I think its efficient and least favorite is the (R) becuase it is very inefficient and is a all local line. Cmon, waiting 20 minutes for the (R) during rush hour while 2-4 (N) trains pass by, that's pathetic.

--- End quote ---
Right. Especially in summer when it's hot as hell, I have to wait like 20-30 minutes just for a (R) to arrive.

My absolute favorite line is the (A) because of the variety of runs it has and the length of the line. Although everyone has made a case for the (R) line being the least favorite line (all points that were made are absolutely 1000% correct) has anyone really considered the purpose for the (Z) line yet! I know it is supposed to supplement the (J) during rush hours but really does anyone else wish it was a regular line so you can possibly say that have actually been on a (Z). I have only ridden that train once since 1995!

Is that an entry for the contest? Cause the contest for October is over.  Feel free to make a post in Giveaway #4.


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