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Hi Everyone, been a little while since i posted or did any updates. I finally found some free time to resume and finish up the routes i was working on. Im currently working on finishing up the 2005 / 2006 Q line. Here are some small preview pics. 

Hopefully will have both out this year.

BVE/OpenBVE Support / Re: Missing objects on Broadway routes
« on: July 18, 2016, 04:35:11 pm »
can you post a pic of your object directory? Try reinstalling the Lisaraye2 folder, that might do the trick.


Q line looking south from ocean parkway with the train of many metals.

Some updates: Signaling has been completely redone from the ground up with newer realistic signals. New tracks have also been made along with scenery installments up to Brighton beach.

What's left: Scenery installment from Brighton beach to West 8 street, bug fixes and a Beta release. Not a lot of things left to be put in.

Some preview pics:

General BVE/OpenBVE / Re: 2 different questions
« on: January 17, 2016, 05:53:10 pm »
1. Has the the R44 1972,1989,2009 Ever been released or is it still under development?

2. I never been awnsered when i ask is the LIRR Hempstead is still under development because it said it was a beta and work in progress route. So is still being worked currently or hold on momentarily?

Can any of the developers or admins. can awnser both of these questions for me, Thank you.

The r44 exterior wise has been completed, but there is still some work left to do on the cabin. I cab itself is 99% done, but the animation for the controller still needs some work. I'm currently pre occupied with other development projects so it will be released as soon as I get around to animating the controller.

I know there is already a Q line, but this is much more high quality. Will this one go all the way to Coney Island because the other one doesn't.

Yes, this one will go to Coney island and will have both express and local scenarios.

It's been a while since I've posted any updates, but rest assured the development team has been very hard at work on completing the Q line.

Here are some progress updates:

 57 Street to Church avenue is 95% completed and detailed. Additionally, Building placement and object placement are an accurate representation of where they are located in real life. Church avenue to Stillwell is also nearing completion, but requires some further detailing. Here are some preview screenshots :

A look at the new Prospect park station:

Just south of Prospect Park station:

Parkside avenue approach:

The station has been completely rebuilt from the ground up!

A few bonus shots and a preview of the BMT A/B Standard cab:

And there's a local version this time too!

Stay tuned for more updates!!

Other Projects / Re: SIRR (WIP)
« on: August 24, 2015, 01:14:13 am »
Great! About how long until it is finished?

The cabin itslef is finished for the mainline and a conversion to SIRR shouldn't take too long, however the throttle needs to be animated and that proved to be a much tougher project then originally anticipated and since i currently have my hands full with the Q line, expect the 44 to be out shortly after the Q is out. No time frame on that but it should hopefully be out withing the next 1 or 2 months.

Any news on the rest of the BMT? I know you guys are focusing on the (Q) but I know at one point you guys had a version of the (N) to 86th and the full (R), any news on those? And the (Q) looks amazing Btw just wish that BVE didn't have so many limitations

Like you said, right now the focus is on the Q. As soon as that is done the N and R will be updated using the new objects as they share a lot of common objects such as stations, walls and buildings, so the N/R will be released shortly after the Q is done.

Progress on the Q has also resumed at a steady pace and here's another preview shot (just outside church avenue):

Nice work. Based on some of the images, can we expect a 1970s version of the route at some point?

Yes, it is planned but i want to focus on the 2015,2012 and 2006 scenarios first before creating a retro scenario.

Hey guys, I wanted to post a progress update on the Q:

Parkside, Church , Beverley, cortelyou and Newkirk have all been reconstructed from scratch and over 50 Unique buildings have been made for the outside portion along the Brighton line. Here are some previews of the buildings:

Astroland / Luna Park is next on the list so stay tuned for more updates!

Good to see these finally on the road. They were enroute to 207 St yard, probably for maintenance. 


and another angle:


NYCTA Projects / Re: New version of R62
« on: May 01, 2015, 03:51:56 am »
There's one already in the works with a new cab and exterior. A beta Should be out in the near future.

Is it possible for you guys to create a (4) local from 125 Street to Broccoli Bridge?

There will be a 4 train from pelhan bay park to Brooklyn bridge scenario added in the pack. The pack itself will be released very soon.

BVEStation Network News / The R142a Beta (V1.2) has been Released
« on: April 22, 2015, 10:53:52 pm »
The R142a for Openbve has been released!

Please note that the exterior is just a placeholder while the HQ 3d one is completed.

This package has a completely animated Cab and has 11, 10 and 5 car consists.

Click Here to Download:


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