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The 6 Line Beta (V1.0) to Brooklyn Bridge has been released!

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Mr Railfan:
Ladies and Gentlemen, after a very long wait, we present to you the first Beta release of the 6 line.

This line runs from Pelham Bay park in the Bronx to Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan.

Included in the download are 3 scenarios with their Smee/NTT counterparts:

Pelham Bay Park to Brooklyn Bridge via Pelham Local
Pelham Bay Park to Brooklyn Bridge via Pelham Express
Parkchester to Brooklyn Bridge via Pelham Local

Be aware of Timers , Wheel Detectors and Gap Filler signals along the route. For more info on signaling visit here:

A scenario pack will be released next week!

Also please note that this is a High quality route and will not run on a low end computer. Also, this route is a BETA and is not 100% completed.

Please click here to download:

Fan Railer:
You guys did a wonderful job with this route =) I happily await the release of the new R62A to run along this route haha.

So excited!!!

Fan Railer:

Dang it, I tried to play it before I went to school but my mom caught me before I could play the route, So I have to wait 5 hours... :(


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