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Welcome to the new BVEStation.  Please bear with us as we continue bringing services back online, this will likely be happening within the next few days as the internet catches up with the changes.  The downloads section is still undergoing work, and we will get it back online as soon as we can.  Again we thank you guys for your patience.  So you may be wondering whats new, after all the forums still look and feel the same.  Here is a list of whats new.

* Faster - BVEStation is now hosted on its own high speed servers, this means navigating and downloading from BVEStation is insanely fast.
* Local - We hear you New York! Most of users are located in New York City, so that is where we are now.  BVEStation's high speed servers are located in New York.
* Downloads - Our biggest feature, we've already mentioned how much faster we are, but now we are opening it up to everyone.  Anybody, and everybody can now upload their routes, trains, guides, and objects to BVEStation using our brand new Downloads system.  Create it, and share it instantly.  Comment on them, rate them, add photos to them.  The new Downloads section has more features and is more intuitive than ever.
* News - Our new homepage shows you what matters the most, all the biggest news in the world of BVEStation/BVE/ and even Train Simulator 2015.  Click to toggle between what you want to read.
* Social Media - Tweet or get the latest updates from BVEStation's Social Media, right there on the homepage
* Interactive - Adding photos and commenting on downloads is good, but participate in our Screenie of the Week, where your screenshot becomes the blurred background of BVEStation
* Design - Finally, if you haven't already noticed, and have gotten a preview of, we've redesigned BVEStation for 2015.  Assessed by professional designers, BVEStation is now more modern than ever, and we will continue to make refinements as we go.
Stay tuned for more, with the new releases, and a new website, we're starting 2015 with a bang.

Psycho William:
are you fixing up youtube link again?

 so wheres the downloads section?

Psycho William:

--- Quote from: traintransport45 on February 01, 2015, 12:04:51 pm --- so wheres the downloads section?

--- End quote ---

The downloads section is still undergoing work

We are working on getting the Downloads section up today.


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