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I wish there was a way, it would make everything a lot easier for developers. But sadly no there isn't at the moment. I believe if you want that to be a feature of openBVE you should talk to leezer3. He's the current maintainer of the openbve program and he's the one who updates it with new features. You can contact him on the bve cornwall website
Maybe I'll try that! Thanks!

I am not sure if I still have it, but I may have some Spanish monorail hidden within my other trains. It is nowhere near accurate to the WDW monorail, but I can try to reskin it and add in some sounds and we'll see how it turns out. No promises, though.

I'd love to see this! This would be a great solution in the meantime!

So basically you should start with editing a train yourself. To open a .csv or .b3d or .animated file use TextEdit. You can use objectviewer by installing the winebottler program so that you can open .exe files. When youíve got objectviewer to work you should see a grey screen with two icons. Press F7 or fn+F7 to open up the csv or b3d file or animated file. Once youíve selected it you can use textedit to play around with functions and numbers in the files. Though animations such as door animations and rotating wheels wonít show up you can change the position or shape or size of objects and even create new ones. Youíll notice there are three sets of numbers in each line of code. They are to signify the X, Y and Z axes X axis is width, Y is height and Z is length. The BVEstation wiki will explain more. To see what changes youíve made you can press F5 to see what changes youíve made to the object in objectviewer

I hope this helps a bit but check the wiki for more information and I recommend with editing an existing train rather than creating a completely new one unless you feel confident enough to do so

Best of luck

Thanks a lot! I'm pretty good with computers and troubleshooting, just not coding, e.t.c. I guess I'll wait till I get better or till someone else makes it. Also, is there any way that I can convert the Mark VI from Trainz to Openbve? (I only need the train; not the route/track.) Probably not but just wondering.  :)

Anyone who can help! Quick question, does anyone have a good guide for creating trains for mac users? Thanks!

I managed to find a fictional Korean Monorail route for openBVE. Mind you itís nothing like the WDW monorail but I reckon you could use the tracks and some of the textures to help you get started on building your own.

Download it here:

I hope this helps a little bit for the route. I found the BVEstation wiki was a good start in helping me model trains by hand coding however you can export models from sketchup by using various converters like the 3ds converter or the obj to b3d converter on the Hungarian BVE website or even one here by gg train.

I understand you canít access the developer tools because youíre a Mac user. I also use a mac. I did find a way to get them to work. You have to open them via the wine titled program which is free.

However, I am sorry but Iím unable to help as I have many projects to attend to

I wish you the best of luck with your project

Glad to see I'm not the only one interested in the WDW Monorail lol. I myself am not an expert train modeler, so unfortunately I won't be able to help. Also, there really aren't any monorail routes for BVE. If you wish to use the monorails on the route, I would recommend just using Trainz for now until it has been made for BVE. Sorry about that.

Thanks to both of you!

Hi all! I'm relatively new to OpenBVE and have been looking for one train/route in particular. I'm not exactly sure if anyone can create this but I'm looking for the Walt Disney World Mark VI monorail. (possibly a route also?) I know Trainz has a route and train, however, I am a Mac user. Monorails are probably a request you guys don't get every day. If anybody is interested in developing it, I have a few audio clips/ textures on my computer that may be able to be used in the train. I will try to contribute as much as I can to the project. This is my dream project and I hope one of you can help make it happen! I DO NOT want/need credit for anything! Everything is yours! I'm desperate lol! Many thanks!


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