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Art & Graphic Design / Rollsign Gallery
« on: June 25, 2014, 11:17:54 am »
If you have been following my posts on NYCTF, this really isn't news to you. If you haven't however, I've recently taken to recreating rollsign curtains from various subway car fleets. Here's a small sample of what I've been doing.

R44 front (1971)

R27-38 side route (1984)

R68 north terminal (1986)

If any developers need any sign curtains made for their trains (such as the retro versions of the R44 and R46 that have been hinted at), please feel free to ask. No fictional routes/destination though.

Art & Graphic Design / R142/143 Strip Maps (Version 3.0)
« on: March 11, 2014, 07:07:29 pm »
People who follow me here may know that I sometimes create strip maps for the routes available for BVE/openBVE. What you may not know is that I've been doing this off and on for about five years now. Come to think of it, it's probably one of my first Illustrator projects I did. My inspiration came from lilbluefoxie's strip maps over on NYC Transit Forums way back in 2009. My first attempts at replicating this for other lines, both real and fictional, were hit and miss to be generous, especially since it was my first foray with vector graphics programs. I'd show you, but since I no longer have access to the POS desktop I created them on. My second attempt which, while better than the first, looking back on it today, looks a bit cartoonish. Take a look.

 Note the small fonts for everything, the fugly-looking bullets. After a while, I decided to make them look a bit more realistic.

 While the station/borough divider fonts are still small, the bullets look much better, don't they? I updated them again to fix that and other issues.

Ignore the fictional transfers.

The fonts are now legible from a distance (as they'd have to be if this were a real strip map found on a train). It even includes the "map not in use" cut out that you'd find on the trains.

I mention all of this because, once again, I've completely started from scratch. Call me a perfectionist, but like all of my work I do for here and BVEStation, I have to like it and if I don't, I will fix it. Eventually. (My perfectionist streak is always trumped by a lack of time. :D) Taking inspiration from this SubChat post, I've decided to go for an even more realistic approach for this new update.

While not an exact replica of the ones found on the 142s (besides the addition of the 2's local stops, my personal preference has the font mostly in Akzidenz Grotesk instead of Helvetica, among other minor details), the row of 64 total available stops, the location of the stops' "indicator lights" and everything else are all based on what one would find on an actual strip map on one of the trains and where they'd be in relation to everything else.

While I'm not taking request right now, I will be posting other line maps as I see fit. Stand by for that.

Art & Graphic Design / R142(A) Fonts/Background Templates
« on: August 14, 2013, 03:44:27 pm »
I've recently finished work on the R142(A) templates and fonts. I'm making them available for everyone. - R142 template - R142A template - R142 Route font - R142 Destination/Route Info font - R142A Route font - R142A Destination/Route Info font

I'm giving anyone permission to use these fonts/templates for any BVE project as long as I am credited.

Station Talk / Stars Background in Downloads Section
« on: March 25, 2013, 07:09:59 am »
What's up with the background full of stars in the downloads section? I wouldn't kind it so much if it didn't make reading the train/route descriptions almost impossible. I'd suggest either removing the stars or putting the text itself behind a plain background so people can see it without straining their eyes.

Transit / Bombardier Transportation Wins Bid for R179 Contract
« on: March 26, 2012, 06:46:26 pm »
Since this hasn't been reported here yet, I figured I'd change that.

After many delays and postponements, the R179 order finally has a builder. Pending approval from the MTA Board, which should be given by some time this week, Bombardier will be the sole builder of the R179 consists. The 10-car test set is expected to be delivered by late 2014. Delivery of the rest of the cars should begin in early to mid-2015 and wrap up by late 2016. Mind you, this is all tentative, so don't be surprised if things don't follow the schedule to the letter.

As has been stated previously, the R179 will completely replace the remaining R32s and R42s. Don't read that as a guarantee of which lines will receive the new cars because nobody knows that yet.

More details will be posted when they come up. Stand by.

Art & Graphic Design / R46 LCD and NTT Displays Request Thread
« on: January 28, 2011, 09:11:00 pm »
Here's a preview of what I've been working on...

Right-click "View Image" for full size

General BVE/OpenBVE / Strip Maps for BVE Routes
« on: January 01, 2011, 09:28:05 am »
As many of you guys already know, over the past several months, I created a strip map showing all the routes (real and fictional) that have been created for BVE and hosted on this site. The map was based on the old strip maps that were found on the back of the MTA maps from 1979-'95. I've also created line maps for each route based on the ones found on the R142s and R143s.

Strip Map
Line Maps (scroll down)

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