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Good evening everyone. The (V) and the R153 has been updated to the public as well as the new (H) Line for OpenBVE.

The (V) has been truncated to Pelham Bay due to construction. The (H) has been released from City Island to Co-Op City/Dreiser Loop.

Download Links for the Routes (You must delete the original IND LaGuardia Folder in order for the line to work. You must also download ALL links below in order to operate the line).

R153 Railcar;sa=view;down=103

IND LaGuardia Line Object Folder;sa=view;down=104

IND (H) Line Route Folder & Sounds;sa=view;down=102

IND (V) Line Route Folder;sa=view;down=101

Content Development / OpenBVE R153 BETA Version #2 Released to the Public
« on: November 28, 2016, 08:20:58 pm »
Okay ladies and gentlemen, the R153 for OpenBVE BETA Version #2 has been released to the public. This is a BETA Version, meaning the train is not 100% completed. If you don't know what BETA means, please visit the website called Google. Thank you and enjoy your download.

The download link for the R153 is:

Other Projects / OBC's OpenBVE (V) Line BETA #2 Released to the public
« on: November 16, 2016, 12:07:52 am »
Okay ladies and gentlemen, the second version of the (V) line has been released to the public. This is a BETA version that operates full length from Abingdon Square to Co-Op City/Bay Plaza. Download the new route at this page:

Good afternoon everyone. Join us tonight, beginning at 8pm, on the OBC Teamspeak Server ( for our 4th of July Extravaganza event. We will be doing OpenBVE runs and possibly OMSI runs as well.

The following will be used tonight:

From Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer to Broad St, Manhattan via Skip-Stop & Nassau Express from Myrtle-Marcy.
Trainsets Used for the routes are R32s, R42s, R143s and R160s

From Metropolitan Av-Middle Village to Chambers St, Manhattan
Due to the 4th of July event, the (M) will be extended to Chambers Street
Trainsets used for the route is the R143s and R160s

From South Ferry to 242 St-Van Cortlandt Park via 7th Avenue Local
You can use any IRT railcar for the route

From Chambers St to either 137 St-City College or Wakefield-241 St via 7th Avenue Express
You can use any IRT railcar for the route

Potential OMSI Run: Liberty Map

Join us tonight beginning at 8pm on the Teamspeak server ( with an appropriate username. Hope to make this is a big event. Everyone is welcome!!

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