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3 suggestions I want an opinion on to see if it could go into effect


F train fan:
1. a website where you can check the balence of your metrocard online by writing a code or something
2. extending the BX13 to the gateway center mall
3. creating a bus route that goes from Woodlawn to the gateway center mall
              tell me what you think

Here is my opinion... and I'm just saying this so don't take offense.

1. Why? People need some exercise walking to the train station to see how much money is on there metrocards :P
2. If you extended the Bx13 to Gateway center mall your basically sending it backwards... Bx6 would be a better choice.
3. Why do you need a bus route from Woodlawn to the Gateway Center mall when you can take the 4 train to 149th st Grand Concourse and walk 4 blocks.

1) That's just a waste of money, every station has a reader so why would people need to check online?
2)The Bx19 and the 6 already serve it, extending either route would just be pointless and time consuming
3)Woodlawn residents don't need gateway, they can go to cross county with the 20 bus and bay plaza is closer

While a great convenience to be able to check the value of a metrocard online, its not possible thanks to the MetroCard being a proprietary technology that is closed, and the actual company never really made a feature like that.


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