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Hi, I've started a new topic here because I'm drawing some subways from NYC (modern or old)
on, if you have any suggestions (what subway car on what line and station, night or day, date [year]. etc.), let me know in this topic, but I will also upload my own drawings sometimes.
ATTENTION: Since I'm working on other games, and I have high school (although it's the summer holidays soon) some of the drawings would take a long time to make, but it will be faster during holidays don't worry!

And, to get a first impression of my art work, I will later upload one of my art work.

Have a good day!

Here's the first one guys!

So it's a South Ferry bound R33 6 Local Train passing through Worth Street in the late 70s.
I just took an image of the station and made the train and the background (shadows and light reflexions on the platform and the express tracks behind the train) myself.

Hope you like it!

Again: suggest me what you want me to draw: what train on what line and station, day or night, date [year],etc

So as you can see i changed my signature, but due to the resolution it looks crushed like a pancake, so here's the normal version:

(Forgot to put the TA Logo on the R32 but it's not a big deal)

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I've finally finished this:

A R142A 6 train in a tunnel, completely "mousemade" (don't forget that I'm making these drawings on
But I will upload some of my handmade ones in the future.


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