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Fan Railer Operates Shore Line Trolley Museum NYC Subway R9 1689


Fan Railer:
So today  (7/18/15), I had the chance to visit the Shore Line Trolley Museum up in Branford, CT for the first time. Here, I show you the operation of R9 1689. This is my first time operating, so cut me a little slack if not every aspect is perfect. The video is a little long, so I will give you some time markers below. We manage to hit 25 mph on the return trip on one of the straightaways before the yard limit, but the track quality lends to a lot of truck hunting at that speed. I really do suggest that if you have the time and money, that you try this out. It really is a fun experience and you do learn a lot. Enjoy the ride =)

Table of Contents (can you find my "Shave and a Haircut"s):
0:00 - 13:00 (shunting out of the yard and setting switches)
13:00 - 20:00 (outbound run)
21:00 - 38:10 (inbound run with pole directional changes and switch setting; we top 25 MPH on the straight section of track just before the yard limit).

The remainder of the video is RFW footage. Only the outbound trip ended up being viewable, as the camera on the second iPhone ended up screwing up the focus setting, but I have kept the inbound RFW footage for the audio factor. Credits to my mother and father for shooting this footage while I operated. Enjoy =)

One thing to note on the R9 at least is that inserting the B2 pin will decrease brake response/application times dramatically. Notice how for most of the run, I have the brake in the service application position for a good bit of time before the brakes start to grab, but as soon as Lou inserts the B2 pin, 1.5 seconds in the service application detente is enough to bring the train to a jarring halt.


Rest of the videos from this day:

Now I want to do this. What are the requirements?

Fan Railer:

--- Quote from: OIG119 on July 19, 2015, 07:57:59 pm ---Now I want to do this. What are the requirements?

--- End quote ---

Very cool, how did you get there?

Fan Railer:

--- Quote from: ipac on July 20, 2015, 08:41:38 pm ---Very cool, how did you get there?

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I drove. The weekend transit connections up there are horrendously sparse lol.


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