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CRH380BL in revenue service, Propulsion clip


Fan Railer:
Finally, a video of the CRH380BL trainset departing at full acceleration from a station in revenue service. The propulsion is sweet XD Enjoy
China Railways Highspeed EXCLUSIVE: First Clip of In-Revenue CRH380BL Departing Hongqiao Station
I will have a heart attack the day I see one of these actually running along the Northeast Corridor.

Awesome, my flash drive is shaped like this train  :D, since I went to the China Railway's Pavilion during the Expo.

Fan Railer:
China Railways Highspeed EXCLUSIVE: CRH380BL Set 6403L Departing Hongqiao Station
Here's another clip from the same station but with better sound, in the daytime, and with a different set. Enjoy =)


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