Author Topic: R46 F Train with Passenger View Of the Cab  (Read 5300 times)

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R46 F Train with Passenger View Of the Cab
« on: February 03, 2017, 08:31:06 pm »
Watch this video of mine where I show the cab of a R46 on a coney Island bound F train from Smith 9 Sts to W 8 St - NY Aquarium. I was able to see this WITHOUT tresspassing by looking through the cab door from where passengers are normally allowed. People like DjHammers, Fan Railer, and Tech & Transit are allowed to use the portions where the cab is seen.

Time Points you can use:
1. From 0:10 to ~2:05
2. From 11:19 to end

If your not one of the people listed above but would like to use my footage, please privately message me. Thanks! :)

By PitoR160