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(WIP) Official Update Thread for the NYCTA BMT Routes

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Download the J/Z line Public BETA here:
Note that the route is not finished. Further development is being done on the route.

Here is the official Thread of NYCTA BMT Routes. This includes the J, M, Z, Q, B, R, D, and N lines.

The J and Z lines have been development for 5 years (2 years by some guy that knows joe and 3 by me)
This line could've been finished but i was busy with F line and Joe was busy as well with other things

Here are some pictures of the J/Z line so far:

Flushing Av

Woodhaven Blvd

HOLY!! Time for the Nassau line!

(J)-Broad St,Manhattan to Jamaica Center Parsons/Archer,Qnz.:
Wow,that is a great start :D

AWESOME!!! Finally we can see a Nassau Street line!

wow cant wait for this


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