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BVEStation is pretty much inactive, but nonetheless I decided to update this thread because a lot has changed in this project.
First, let's get right into the project sheet below: The 1970s NYCTA routes will be released in 3 Volumes, the first Volume will include the shortest routes such as shuttles, the second Volume will include individual routes, and finally the third will include major lines made of different routes. All of these routes will be made of completely new objects which will be common to all routes, meaning that there will be only one object folder instead of thousand of dependencies which is a f**king waste of space and time, which is EXACTLY why I gave up on turning current routes into the 1970s versions.
That said, the current development of the 1970s 8th Avenue line is abandoned (I still do random modification for videos), but the BETA of the 1973 A will still be available, so the shitty 1970s Jamaica & Nassau St Line. New version of these lines will be then made as part of the Volume 3 pack of the 1970s NYCTA routes. Right now, the 42nd Street Shuttle is being worked on, I will show it here when finished.

I kept the posts from the early days of the project, but for those who hasn't been following me or those who read this thread for the first time: trust me, things now are 100x better than the crap in the first screenshots lol. So skip right to page 8 where I will soon post screenshots of the 1970s 42nd Street Shuttle!
Note: I will only post screenshots of finished stuff since posting here is quite annoying when it comes to uploading images. If you want to follow the development of this project and other projects, go to my YouTube Channel: or join the Facebook Group "North American Transit & Simulations & Development"

UPDATE: Jan 1, 2020

Project sheet:

Download links for the Nassau St routes at page 3

Download links for the Beta 1973 A line to Euclid Av at page 7

Ok so I started on the J and M lines since they are short and it's easy to find the corresponding texture images.

So I've changed the catwalks of the elevated section and now I'm trying to figure out how to change the third rail cover.
But I'm gonna start with the underground section since there are not so many stations, I'm working on the beams, then I will work on the platforms, and then the signs. Then I will attack the elevated stations: platforms, signs, etc. And finally I will work on the details: trains, markers and some other stuff.

If you want i can help you along with the routes and what not, i am working on the 1980s K line with some vandaized walls, station and route signs and i might need help with the route if you would like to work together, message or email me. NICE WORK with replacing the object, i like it.

Thank you,  :D I've sent you a message!

Bowery - Delancey Streets

Canal - Centre streets

Chambers - Centre Streets

Fulton - Centre Streets

And finally Broad - Wall Streets

Later I will upload the signs and the platforms, stay tuned!

I thought working on the markers will be fast and easy so I've done them:


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