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Fan Railer:

No, the NJT content has not been released yet, but I couldn't wait to start on the sound mod packs for the ALP-45DP and the recently announced ALP-46 locomotives, since DTG is notoriously infamous for getting sounds completely wrong (look no further than the M8 DLC for proof). I was able to use existing Amtrak equipment and the sound code that is found in the M8/M7 traction sound mods to create drop in sounds and code for when the content is released. Since I had to test the NJT sounds on non-NJT equipment, I elected to not show the equipment (since it would be weird hearing NJT sounds coming from Amtrak equipment or Metro-North equipment, right?) and instead have you view two still-shots of NJT equipment that I took while out rail fanning this summer.

Sound work includes the transformer idle sound (still needs slight work, going to try to get new recordings when I get a chance), bell sound (specific to both locomotives), NJT K5LA (recorded off of a dual mode; being used for both the 45DP and 46 until I can get a better static recording for the 46), and AC Traction Motor sounds specific to the ALP-45DP (IGBT Inverters), and ALP-46 (GTO Inverters).

Diesel sounds are not my forte, so if the ALP-45DP diesel sounds end up needing to be replaced (won't find out until the content is released on steam), that will probably fall to someone else to do.

I will also be creating an ALP-46A traction sound set for use in the ALP-46 in a few days, so be on the look out for that preview video (once again, audio only for now).

Enjoy, and stay tuned for a LOT of action once this content drops on Steam =)

Fan Railer:
Please note that the initial release versions on steam for both the NJCL and F40PH-2CAT are buggy and inaccurate. If you do purchase it now, please keep in mind that post-release DLC patches are probably in order in the next few weeks or so. If you choose to wait to purchase until the bug fixes have been applied, I won't judge you lol. I will post a separate mod-release video later this week. Still ironing out some last minute issues myself.


Fan Railer:

This is the DTG New Jersey Transit North Jersey Coast Line ALP-45DP & Comet Car Physics & Sound Mod Pack V1.0

In order to utilize this freeware physics & sound upgrade, you must have purchased the "Train Simulator: North Jersey Coast Line Route Add-On" available here:

This is a freeware pack; in no way is it to be used for commercial purposes. You are free, however to further modify the physics & sound enhancements found in this pack for personal use if you so choose.


The purpose of this pack is to correct physics errors in the ALP-45DP locomotive, and introduce more accurate sounds for the DLC.

Version 2.0 will include the signature JohnS brake fix.

General Parameter Change Log (Physics):
1. Slight tweak of TE and Dynamic Brake curves.
2. Changing the rated power in the simulation.bin file so that the scripting reduces power in the correct manner.
3. Modified coupler slack performance.
4. Increased range of ALP-45DP numbers from 4500-4515 to 4500-4534.
5. Included number.dcsv files for Comet Cars in case you were one of those early purchasers who got the incorrect .dcsv files.

General Parameter Change Log (Sounds):
1. New K5LA horn recorded directly off of an ALP-45DP unit.
2. New Comet IV door chime included.
4. Replaced default traction motor sounds and code with custom code and new traction motor sounds.

Technical specifications for ALP-45DP:

1. Bombardier ALP-45DP [diesel mode] (CAT 3612C-HD x2; 4200 THP; parasitic HEP, no load)
   a. Starting tractive effort of 71,000 lbs (316 kN)
   b. Continuous tractive effort of 63,407.7 lbs (282.0517 kN) @ 21.42 mph
   c. Dynamic Brake effort of 34,000 lbs (150 kN) @ 21.181 mph; flat curve down to 5 mph, fade to 0 lbs @ 2 mph.
   d. Wheel horsepower of 3,618 hp (2,700 kW) @ 21.42 mph
   e. Maximum speed of 100 mph
    f. Engine RPM range = 600 - 1800
   g. RPM change rate (rpm/second) = 100
    h. Fuel consumption range (gph)= 21 - 214.6
   i. Weight = 284,000 lbs (128.821555 metric tons)
   j. Fuel capacity = 1800 gallons
   k. Max traction amps = 710
   l. Max brake amps = 340

2. Bombardier ALP-45DP [electric mode] (4400 kW THP; no HEP)
   a. Starting tractive effort of 71,000 lbs (316 kN)
   b. Continuous tractive effort of 57,269.45 lbs (261.8182 kN) @ 38.64 mph
   c. Dynamic Brake effort of 34,000 lbs (150 kN) @ 65.63 mph; flat curve down to 5 mph, fade to 0 lbs @ 2 mph.
   d. Wheel horsepower of 5,896 hp (4,400 kW) @ 38.64 mph
   e. Maximum speed of 125 mph
   f. Weight = 284,000 lbs (128.821555 metric tons)
   g. Max traction amps = 710
   h. Max brake amps = 340

NOTE: There is special scripting that is included with the original locomotive that automatically reduces power from the electric mode to diesel mode once you make the mode change. You should notice this reduction of power by inspecting the ammeter while you operate. Kudos to DTG for figuring that out.

IMPORTANT; Install Instructions

1. Open the following directory: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\RailWorks\Assets\DTG\NorthJerseyCoast"
2. Open the "DTG_NJT_NJCL_ALP-45DP_And_Comet_Physics_And_Sound_Mod.rar" file
3. Drag both folders from the .rar file into the directory from step 1.
4. Physics & Sound mod installation is complete.
5. Run TS2016 to confirm.

Thank you for downloading and installing. Please contact me if there is a problem with the functionality of this mod pack.
Enjoy =)

Download here:

Got my shortie in lolol... enjoy



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