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TS 2015 Buying Steam Edition Again


For the guys that have TS2015, I'm wondering if you were to buy the Steam Edition again, will you get another copy of the game, or will the game automatically fill in the DLC's that were part of that package?

It fills in the gaps, but does not give you a "copy" of the content that you already have. Basically, if I already owned Munich Garmisch, and I bought the TS15 Steam Deluxe Edition, I'd get the rest of the content from the package itself. Steam is unified, meaning that you do not receive extra copies of anything. Everything still falls under "Train Simulator 2015."

Same thing goes if you were to invest in the Packages (which I highly recommend you take a look at, as they save you money. Welcome to the world of a money-hungry hobby lol.

Ah ok, I just bought it and it just filled in what I didn't have, which is what I was expecting.  technically I bought the Steam Edition twice in this case, since it had the NEC this time around, which was exactly what I wanted.  What is dumb though is that it's still far more expensive if I were to pay for the route individually..

Until the next Steam Edition with another huge discount comes out with content I want, I will refuse to be ripped off :D


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