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TS2015: Union Pacific FEF-3 844 Video Thread

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Fan Railer:
Here she is, in all of her wondrous glory =P
You can purchase this here:
Much more action to come in the near future :)

Fan Railer:
IF you have TS2015 and still haven't picked up UP 844, I don't understand why lol:

Fan Railer:
Longer 844 clip from the 8 hour excursion (which is still processing):

Fan Railer:
I'm pretty sure I broke the Mallard's speed record here by a long shot lol. We start out at the MMC in Kearny NJ and make our way south to the start point of the test, which is just west of Metuchen. If you want to skip this part and go right to where the actual acceleration and speed tests start, use this time stamp: 25:40.

From there, we accelerate through Edison before coming to a stop at New Brunswick. From New Brunswick, the throttle is applied and stays wide open until just outside of Trenton. We manage to balance on level track at 128 MPH before coming to the down grade just outside Hamilton, where we pick up to 132 MPH. After coming to a stop over the Delaware River, we lay up at Morrisville Yard to end the test run. Enjoy the trip =)

Fan Railer:
Welcome aboard the first of several long excursion runs that I will be making with UP 844. Today, she will be in charge of two Pacific Surfliner trains, numbers 572 and 583. Our consist will be comprised of a mix of Amfleet cars and Union Pacific Heritage cars. Join me as I take control of the most advanced steam locomotive built for RailWorks to date. As this is the first long distance run with stops I've made with this locomotive, you will see I go through a learning curve through the course of the video. I do over-run a few times during the first third of the run, and you will notice that my skill at quilling the whistle improves dramatically.

Pacific Surfliner schedule:

Union Pacific FEF-3 Locomotive Add-on:

Table of Contents:
0:00 - 44:30 - Shunting operations and setup of southbound route for train 572 from Los Angeles Union Station to San Diego Union Station / Santa Fe Depot.
45:15 - 1:17:40 - LA Union Station to Fullerton
1:17:50 - 1:27:00 Fullerton to Anaheim (Yes, I over-run Anaheim, since I'm not yet used to the feel of the brakes in the locomotive at this point during the run. My braking skills do improve during the course of this video haha.)
1:27:15 - 1:36:30 - Anaheim to Santa Ana
1:36:30 - 1:48:45 - Santa Ana to Irvine
1:48:45 - 2:03:15 - Irvine to San Juan Capistrano
2:04:30 - 2:37:00 - San Juan Capistrano to Oceanside Transit Center with some 100 MPH running action.
2:40:40 - 2:55:16 - Oceanside to Solana Beach with 90 MPH running action.
2:56:05 - 3:31:00 - Solana Beach to San Diego Old Town with hard 2% grade climb beginning @ 3:05:10
3:31:45 - 3:42:05 - San Diego Old Town to San Diego Union Station / Santa Fe Depot
3:42:05 - 4:30:54 - After refueling the locomotive (not seen in the video) we proceed to turn consist around via loop track south of San Diego in preparation for the northbound run of train 583.
4:41:37 - 4:48:40 - We depart San Diego Union Station / Santa Fe Depot about 30 minutes late and head towards Old Town.
4:48:40 - 5:19:10 - Old Town to Solana Beach with the return down the 2% grade @ 5:04:00
5:20:28 - 5:34:40 - Solana Beach to Oceanside with 100 MPH running.
5:34:40 - 5:56:30 - Oceanside - San Clemente Pier with 100 MPH running.
5:56:30 - 6:09:35 - San Clemente Pier to San Juan Capistrano. An in game bug @ 6:01:20 causes the two dome cars at the rear of the train to magically get sucked into a black hole or something; just try to ignore that haha.
6:11:00 - 6:25:05 - San Juan Capistrano to Irvine. Very good intentional wheelslip action coming out of San Juan Capistrano. By this point, I was familiar enough with how much power and at what speed would generate wheelslip, so I played around with the sander to simulate a "tough" start upgrade. Also, in my carelessness, I forget to adjust the switches for the siding just outside of Irvine... it's amazing that I went over a 30 mph switch at 100 mph and didn't derail LOL.
6:25:50 - 6:35:40 - Irvine to Santa Ana with 110 MPH running.
6:35:46 - 6:45:25 - Santa Ana to Anaheim
6:45:25 - 6:53:55 - Anaheim to Fullerton
6:53:56 - 7:25:22 - Fullerton to LA Union Station
7:25:22 - 7:45:30 - Shunting 844 back into the siding where she started her day.

Enjoy the sights, sounds, and the ride =)


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