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Dynamic Testing of the ACS-64 at High Speeds Commences at Pueblo, CO

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Fan Railer:
Raw Footage of Amtrak ACS-64 Cities Sprinter Locomotives For The NEC Testing at Pueblo (125 MPH)
--- Quote ---PUEBLO, Colo. – The new Amtrak Cities Sprinter (ACS-64) electric locomotives are
now in a comprehensive and rigorous testing program, and are being put through the paces
before entering Northeast service this fall.
Today, Amtrak President and CEO Joe Boardman, Federal Railroad Administrator
Joseph Szabo and Siemens Rail Systems President Michael Cahill traveled to the U.S
Department of Transportation (DOT) Transportation Technology Center (TTC) facility in
Pueblo, Colo., to get an update on the testing program and to observe a testing demonstration.
“These locomotives are the new workhorses of the Amtrak fleet in the Northeast and they
must meet our performance-based specifications and reliability needs so we can keep the
region’s people and economy moving,” said Boardman.
Two locomotives are at the TTC facility to undergo a series of tests, including maximum
speed runs, acceleration and braking, operating with Amtrak passenger coach cars attached and
testing the overall performance capabilities of the locomotive. Engineers are also validating the
on-board computer system and software, as well as evaluate ride quality by using instruments to
measure things such as noise and wheel vibrations.
A variety of additional tests and validation exercises are being conducted as part of the
commissioning process to ensure the locomotive is operating and performing as designed and
that it is ready to provide reliable service for Amtrak passengers.
“Safety is our number one priority,” said Szabo. “Today’s testing regime demonstrates
the extraordinary safety standards FRA requires manufacturers and railroads to meet when
building passenger rail equipment. One in seven Americans lives along the Northeast Corridor
and as demand for passenger rail service continues to grow across the country, we will continue
to ensure that rail equipment is safe, reliable and efficient.”
In addition to the robust testing regime at TTC, a third locomotive will run field tests on
the Northeast and Keystone Corridors this summer and be used for training Amtrak locomotive
engineers and mechanical crews. A fourth locomotive will be tested in a climate-controlled
chamber to determine how well it performs in extreme heat and cold temperatures.

--- End quote ---

Fan Railer:
I also found two new videos apparently from someone who has access at Pueblo.
Amtrak ACS-64 #601 at TTCI (Pueblo, CO) - Flyby video
Amtrak ACS-64 #601 at TTCI (Pueblo, CO) - Video of info screen showing acceleration with 8 amfleets from stop to 125 mph.
I find the comments from the crew about the engine being "too quiet" amusing. #thatsthewayitshouldbe

Fan Railer:
Reports have it that 602 has begun testing down in Wilmington on the NEC. 0-125 mph in 3/4 of a mile.

Fan Railer:
Railfanning 8-10-13 Part 1 w/another new ACS-64 - 603 through Martinez. Start watching at 3:00.

Fan Railer:
here are some videos of loco 602 actually coming to a stop and starting up again on its own power (harder to find due to the poor choice of title):
amtrak 602 test run
Amtrak 602


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