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Official Thread for MT8 V2 (4 Train To New Lots)


(SIR) North Shore Line:
MT8 Version 2 (4 To New Lots)

OpenBVE - (4) Train Late Night Local

I renamed the stations and swapped the pillars and walls from the H line. It's like an IRT version of the IND Fulton line running from Nevins Street to New Lots Ave. I don't know how to get more signs up on the wall because I only re-textured the signs. And it would also be cool to get the windscreens and wide gap between the tracks from the college point (7) line onto this line. If I get all the required permissions, I'll send it to the admins!

Orion V CNG #748:
Nice preview! You made this yourself?

IRT is getting the goods


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