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A new route for OpenBVE, the Ballyfeckin and Waterville is the new 54km route by graymac, who has made the only Irish standard gauge routes so far for BVE. There is also Irish diesel multiple units and loco haulage is in development. Details on the website
See it before St Patrick's day! ;)

Great detail in all the trains and routes.  Nice stuff. 

Somehow when i dowload it it won't show up.i put them in the correct folder and it still did not show up. the route load but nothing appear. It just a blank screen

The files are in .7z compressed format. If you have extracted the files and placed the contents in the correct folders there should be no difficulty. Several testers tried the beta before I released the route and the only reported problem with the beta was because the brsigs were not included and the user hadn't got them in his objects folder. As the sigs are now included this problem won't arise.
You say that the route loads, you do not mention any error messages? A blank screen might be a result of not having the object files in the openbve/railway/object folder, but in that case you should see a list of errors due to missing files. I assume you are using the normal folder structure as detailed on the OpenBVE site, downloads, instructions Incorrect folder structure can cause problems. Maybe someone else has a bright idea?

i am using winrar and when it load there was 525 error


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