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Since RouteBuilder is not in use now, I am going to develop a new RouteBuilder-like program but for OpenBVE, supporting all features of OpenBVE not just freeobj. I gonna to steal Delphi source code from Uwe Post, then make a new C# code and add some features of OpenRB. But first I need to develop three long handmade routes for practice handcoding.

I hope you have permission to "steal" the source code.

I learned to hand code routes because I was too dumb to be able to get routebuilder to work.
Theres a link on here to a tutorial by Dennis Lance. I downloaded the examples and printed out all the instructions because I prefer a 'book' to learn from.

It worked for me, you can see what I've done if you look at the 'Ballyfeckin and Waterville Railway' )in 'Other Development on here)
It takes a bit of time and effort, but you will find it worthwhile. There's a lot more you can put in a route when you can hand code.

I think that you first build the skeleton using RB then manualy fix, like me.
I have permission for source codes but Uwe Post have a very little time for providing it. He is a sci-fi writer. I will next time ask what is new.
OpenRB is now in planning. When Uwe Post releases the sources of the RB, I will fix the problems with grids (i.e. you can't make criss-cross to other railway using grids), walls forms etc (RB considers it as a free object). Nickgoh45 hired as a beta tester.

Absolutely not. All of my routes objects and trains are coded using windows notepad. I was never able to work out how to use routebuilder. I downloaded it and read the instructions and tried to use it on several occasions without getting anywhere. I just could not figure it. After about two weeks I dumped it and got hold of Dennis Lance's tutorial and learned to write code. And I am glad I did it that way, because it gives me more freedom of expression. Routebuilder made work is fine, don't get me wrong, but I can tell when a route is made with that program, I suppose tthe program stamps its personality on the work. I would rather stamp my own personality on my work, as I think I have done.
So, my only tools are pencil and paper, windows notepad, Objectviewer, Routeviewer and Photoshop.

Find a link to Dennis Lance's tutorial here


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