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Budd Septa M-3 Thread (Philly Market-Frankford El)

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The Budd built Septa M-3 Market-Frankford line cars were built from 1960 to 1962 at the Philadelphia Budd Plant.  Philly was the first city to put in a larger order of Transit cars with Budd.  These cars were used on the Market Frankford line from 1960 until the later 90's when they were replaced in full by the Adtranz M-4's. 

Very early stages of the M-3's panel texture.  Will be adding the Cinestron controller, compressed air hard lines, wiper motor box, door closed indicator (single green lamp), perhaps a few light switches and sun shade.  It's a start.

i think the window was bigger than that.

It's certainly not to scale, but I don't think I'm that far off...


Septa in the house


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