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BVEStation / OpenBVE Backup for Route Devs


Port Washington Local:
Chances are, if you know what this post refers to, then you know the purpose of what BVEStation backup for Route Devs was all about when it first started. You also know the problems that is was plagued with and the outages that occurred because of them.

BVEStation / OpenBVE Backup for Route Devs is being re-deployed with a more resilient and modern infrastructure, from the new servers all the way down to the wiring.

* The network infrastructure has been upgraded with CAT6 cabling, Gigabit switches and routing capabilities.
* Bandwidth has been substantially increased to allow for faster upload and download speeds.
* Instead of running FTP on server with multiple roles, it is now hosted on a dedicated server.
* Server storage capacity has been increased to 1.5 TB
* To address connectivity issues, DDNS has been added to the server using the existing host name
Changes to this service are still ongoing to provide a more reliable experience to users and administrators. As always though, if you are interested in registering for this service, please PM me directly.

Existing users are advised to check their PMs and use their existing credentials to access the server. However, if you're unsure of them, please PM me to have them reset.


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