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[1] [Mackoy] Appraisal edition (IM0.6) release

[2] [Mackoy] ver. IM0.6 it releases already a little

[3] [Mackoy] Vehicle Loading

[4] [RSR] UkTrainSys plugin update; enhanced simulation of neutral sections and Automatic Power Control, test route released, new Brecknell Willis Highspeed pantograph models, and some new screenshots

[5] [RSR] New cross-platform .NET plugin for UK trains released, class 323 3D cab and Cross-City South v1.31.09 update, openBVE v1.2.9 development branch, .NET plugins and AI support

[6] [Mackoy] The vehicle data being too difficult, you reflect

[7] [Mackoy] Vehicle conversion function

[8] [Mackoy] Protection system completion

[9] [RSR] openBVE v1.2.8 increased rendering , openBVE v1.2.9 dev release


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