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Making All Stops : Volume One

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--- Quote from: ipac on July 10, 2012, 05:54:16 pm ---Unfortunately thats a limitation that I can't get around.  Pictures, photos, and/or videos can't count.  Links can't really be measured either.  Sorry.

I did add above, how you can earn 50 tokens for referring a new member to join BVEStation.

--- End quote ---

hey kevin i bought of the books already

Awesome JayJay, let us know what you think about the book when you get it.\

Also you will earn 200 tokens for a member referral.

oh this is a good idea lol.

I just had a chance to purchase the making all stops book, i cant wait to get it.I figured maybe it will help the website out.i think bvestation is the best.i play the simulator almost every night after a good relaxation brings me back to NY,and as a kid on the Astoria line N. and the 7 guys do a great job on the cant put a price tag on a few hours of fun and good memories.just one recommendation, i noticed on the new F line theres some blue flashes from the third rain in some area of the game,i think it should happen alot more in other routes,especially on the turns and switches.thank you for the great time,and something to look foward to.Brad G

Q23 Central Term:
So until when will you guys sell tokens, just until a deadline date or when all tokens are sold out. Just wondering


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