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The R68 for openBVE by TheExpress/XD60 has been released!

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Thank you to TheExpress/XD60 and the rest of the contributors for making this release possible!

Download it here:

Thank you for releasing the train! Now we have a R68 with an Interior!

NICE! I was waiting for this one since the projected release date of March 2017. Let's hope the R142A comes next.

(M) 6th Avenue Local:
Great job guys. Wonderful work! Well worth the wait.

F train fan:
The train is amazing. I do however have to ask if anyone else is having an issue running it on the B, and D trains? I keep getting a parameter is not valid warning then openBVE closes. Is there a way to fix that, it works great on any other route including the new A to Far Rockaway.


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