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The BETA R line to 95th Street has been released!

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Dj Hammers:
After a very long wait, just in time for Christmas, the R line to 95th Street has been released! NOTE: This route is a BETA, it starts from Astoria-Ditmars Blvd, and runs over the Manhattan Bridge to 95th Street.

There will soon be a release of the full R (Both directions), with multiple scenarios after the Q is released.

Again, this is a BETA release. The route is not finished yet.


The download link:

Brighton Express:
Wow, I must say, you guys have come a long way since I've last posted on here. Keep up the good work boys, it looks great.

NYCT N train:
Nice Work! I just played this with the R46 and it was smooth! When it is released, hopefully there will be moving trains along the route :)

Fan Railer:
I don't think the entire section south of 59th street is supposed to be so heavily timer'd.

Great. Thanks for the awesome work. I downloaded and tried out the route. Very nice.  Look forward to the full version.


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