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Title: Problems in San Juan Puerto Rico
Post by: metroII on September 01, 2012, 01:29:16 pm
IM going to post this in both languages. English and Spanish. Please, If anyone knows people that work in the federal governments and what not, copy and send the info to them

Sugerencia que hago, a ver si alguien me ayuda a compartirlo y sus opiniones, Por que no cojen las guaguas que estan fuera de comision, que estan fuera de comision que no pueden ser reparados, y cojer las piezas, dejar solo chasis, y con las piezas de la caja, luces, gomas, aros, parabrisas, todo, y reparar las guaguas que ya tienen en servicio? De hecho, en Oregon tienen 1995 flxibles en servicio y conozco personas en NJ transit que estan dispuesto a enviar las NovaRTS que ellos tienen aqui a pr, sin pintar solo programar el letrero ( desitnation sign) y no hay que en numerarlas.
I have a suggestion, see if someone out here can help me. I live in PR< and the president of the AMA fucked everything up. Instead of buying new buses, buy some from NJ Transit, oregon and other places, and use them here. Dont even bother to repaint them, just cover them and use in service. Also, take the ones that are bent framed, use their parts on the ones that are in service or can be fixed, and use those buses as well? The conditions of the AMA here are critical and the president tried to make it fail here, just so the government can make the service a private service. We need help!!!

The president Mike O Neill, son of Guaynabo city mayor Hector O niell destroyed the Bus Service here In San Juan PR. Trying to make a private company come in and take over. Well, the bastard has stolen money, destroyed Kick Ass RTSs and took funds for himself and others. Is he being investigated? YES about time! But, we need help here. I dont know if this is a appropiate place to post this, but you guys here are one of the few pages i can think of for help.
Title: Re: Problems in San Juan Puerto Rico
Post by: corcom1 on September 02, 2012, 01:14:34 am
Well, what they really need in PR are a fleet of 1999 Motor Coach Industries 102-DLW3SS Commuter Coaches or 2011 Prevost X3-45 seen here in this video:
New York MTA 2011 Prevost X3-45 2456 & 1999 Motor Coach Industries 102-DLW3SS 2066 At Madison Avenue ( They can have express service out of San Juan in peak directions to the outer towns of PR like Fajardo, Luquillo, Canovanas, Rio Grande, Caguas, Mayaquez, Arecibo, Vaga Alta and Baja, Toa Alta and Baja, Arroyo, Cabo Rojo and Ponce. They can put Bus Lanes and HOV (High Occupancy Vehicles) lanes on the highways to avoid traffic jams. As for your seggestion. The Metropolitan Bus Authority MBA (Autoridad Metropolitana de Autobuses AMA) are too lazy for all that work which is the reason there buses are always breaking down. The Governor of PR should look into this. :-\