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NYCTA (T) Line Tottenville (SIR) to 125 St. Broadway via 2nd Ave using Sketchup

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Hi, here are some more images.  These will be my last images until I finish a one station route video showing an R1 running from Tottenville to Arthur Kill Road. I will be on vacation for a while, plus I will be working on my O-Gauge hobby also.  I have expanded my Sketchup to CSV conversion program to eliminate the triangulation of faces in most cases.  This program removes common edges for a face but the rendering fails for concave polygons which is correct by design given the limitations of OpenGL.  It is easy however to add line segments to make convex polygons in those cases.

Anyway here are the images:

Look at the route sign for the T train.  It goes to "Downtown" Staten Island (the St. George area) via Staten Island's South Shore, then uses the Red Hook Tunnel to get to Manhattan.  The bullet is colored turquoise.

Here are several lighted yard signals.

And here are the new lighted interlocking signals for the switches in the view.

This looks absolutely amazing!!!

Fan Railer:
I'm really digging those new signals!

Hi everyone.  The status of this project is that I completed the track from Tottenville to Richmond Valley Road.  This includes curves and pitch, but no signals.  The Main Street - Tottenville station houses and mezzanine is complete with signage.  Miscellaneous markers for train lengths and other station artifacts (subway maps, station seats, garbage pails, stairs from tracks to platform, etc.) will soon be added.  Details on both sides of the tracks go out about 500 feet on each side complete with streets and pavement.  This detail will make building a reverse direction easier.

Here are a few more images:

1. Exit at end of platform to Bentley Street, Tottenville Beach, and the Perth Amboy Ferry.

2. Entrance on Ellis Street to mezzanine.

3. Exit at start of platform to Main Street and Ellis Street.

4. Bentley Street station house.



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