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NYCTA (T) Line Tottenville (SIR) to 125 St. Broadway via 2nd Ave using Sketchup

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My work now consists of images from Google Earth and Google Maps Street View to give more realistic surroundings and buildings. Also the reduction of detail from 500 feet to 250 feet on either side of track 0 delivers better performance.  There is no need to add detail that will most likely never be used. The use of TRACK.GROUND builds the surroundings and not much use of TRACK.FREEOBJ. I would like some feedback on this. This route mixes fact with fiction and starts from Tottenville on the current SI Railway line.  Currently the fiction is the reconfiguration of this route to subway standards such as signaling and longer stations.  Additionally fictional apartment buildings and commercial buildings will be placed at strategic points, most likely in sparse areas to give a more urban look to Staten Island, as it would have been had the subway been extended there.  The current aerial illustration has one fictional apartment house in the distance.  Further along the route there are expanses of empty land between the stations of Arthur Kill Road, Richmond Valley Road, and Pleasant Plains.  This area will be filled with high rise apartment houses and an overpass for Shore Front Drive, the proposed highway that would have cut across this area.  It is not out of the question that this fictional landscape would be a possibility had subways made it to Staten Island.

Check out the comparisons of the aerial views.

Old Aerial Shot (500 feet on either side of track 0, free hand drawing with some canned objects):

New Aerial Shot (250 feet on either side of track 0, Google Maps, street view, canned objects - has 75% to 90% less faces):

Wow just WOW

Hi everyone.  Its been a while, but I am still building. I am nearly at the Arthur Kill Station and decided to deviate a little.  The T train must have a subway yard.  The area bounded by Richmond Valley Road, Page Avenue, an the old Nassau facility is called Mill Creek.  It is flat and an ideal location for a yard and maintenance facility.  What I did was model a yard based on the Corona Yard.  It will need to be broken up in slices to render properly.

The yard is also home to the T train which uses the new technology trains R160 and R179.  For testing purposes I drive using the R1.  I wanted to build a train.  This is my first attempt.  Trains are configured as ABBBA, 10 car units.  Car numbers 8525-8529 and 8692-8696 have destination MAIN ST TOTTENVILLE.  Car numbers 8703-8707 and 8804-8808 have destination 125 ST BROADWAY.  Each individual unit has approximately 250 faces.  Shown here is a TOTTENVILLE train.

Initially I attempted to build a yard using RAIL commands.  That was nearly impossible.  It was therefore built as an individual object which will be sliced up at 25 meter intervals.  I have a dynamic signal generator which is a text file and uses include files to set parameters via the $Sub command.  That text file is included in the loaded CSV file to run the game.  I will use the signal generator to add signals to the yard.  Furthermore I may build a train placement generator based on car identifier.


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